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How to create a family budget?

List all the monthly expenses

I think, you already now that. You must know very well about your expenses. Where did your money goes and why.

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My family 2018 Half-year basic financial results:
Y 2018 JAN-JUN %
Earnings (€) 11722
Investments: 1500 12.63
Stock 800 6.82
p2p personal 500 4.27
p2p child 180 1.54
paid debt 1252 10.68
Investments and paid debt 2752 23.31

Earnings = my work salary + my wife earnings + my child earnings ( government child money 30 € / month ) +  my health insurance pay out.

So my family invested 12.63 % from earnings. Not so really bad.

First goal was 10%, so we overbear the goal.

Next goal 15%. So i need 2,37 % better result.


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Bondora created a new tool named “go & grow”. They says, you can earn 6,75% .

What do you need to start? Bondora account and there open “go & grow” account.

They says there is no risks and you can cash out any time.

Sure, 6,75% is with *. what it means?

It means, if something goes wrong, this profit is not a commitment. They can pay less..

I think, if you have much money and do not know how and where to invest, there is good solution to you. Even 3-5% is not bad, while banks pays nothing.

Here you are my test go&grow account. I earn 0.15 eur  with invested 15.13 eur.


If you want to create bondora account, there is my link. YOU will get 5 eur and then test yourself 🙂

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My opinion, the most important money saving tip should be:



The pay yourself first technique is all but effortless to implement, usually costs nothing, and you can begin it with minimal planning. Start saving 10% of your salary.

Start Saving 10% Of Your Salary.

No matter how much cash tumbles into your coffers, it never seems to stick around for long. For that reason, you must pay yourself first, the same day you get the money.

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