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AMD still a buy?

I wrote 1 year ago about opportunity to buy Amd, the price was 9,99 usd.

Now 27,49 usd.

270% up in a year.

and now I think it is not too late to buy amd. Still not to late, because amd chips will be inside new Sony Playstation 5. Who knows, maybe amd stock price jump to 50 usd In near future.

This is not an advice to buy, folks.

Apple I think success in the future with driverless cars, they looking partners to create that cars in near future.

Good luck.

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BlackBerry Stocks – Sold at 9.09 usd. I bought at 7.16 usd three months ago.

profit after taxes about 65 usd.

BB was A good buy, just i sold too fast… now price 9.42 usd. after week.

new buy- Tesla after 5% drop, when Tesla model Y had not so good start.

Sell price will be at least 350 usd. per stock.

p.s. this “sell buy” is for my personal experiment. I use small amounts of money.

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Bondora created a new tool named “go & grow”. They says, you can earn 6,75% .

What do you need to start? Bondora account and there open “go & grow” account.

They says there is no risks and you can cash out any time.

Sure, 6,75% is with *. what it means?

It means, if something goes wrong, this profit is not a commitment. They can pay less..

I think, if you have much money and do not know how and where to invest, there is good solution to you. Even 3-5% is not bad, while banks pays nothing.

Here you are my test go&grow account. I earn 0.15 eur  with invested 15.13 eur.


If you want to create bondora account, there is my link. YOU will get 5 eur and then test yourself 🙂