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My opinion, the most important money saving tip should be:



The pay yourself first technique is all but effortless to implement, usually costs nothing, and you can begin it with minimal planning. Start saving 10% of your salary.

Start Saving 10% Of Your Salary.

No matter how much cash tumbles into your coffers, it never seems to stick around for long. For that reason, you must pay yourself first, the same day you get the money.

TOP 2. MAKE YOUR SAVED MONEY  INACCESSIBLE. For reason you could not spend it.

The best solution to me is investing  10 % of my salary every month, so my saved money “gone” from my hands, i can not use it anywhere else. A banker always offer you to open saving bank account. It is not a bad decision to do that, but is it not easier way to get back your saved money? Leave money in safe spot, safe spot from you too 🙂

TOP 3. MONEY SAVING AND INVESTING IS A FINANCIAL GAME. Play this game! It is fun. The most enjoyable part is the result. Profit and interests for you. The money saving game should be funny part of your life.


Saving  really requires you to sacrifice other smaller things that you want in order to win your financial money saving game. This is the most painful part of money saving. But in bright  side, you should not sacrifice all you like, just some of that. for example, coffee from restaurant or gas stations or dinner in restaurants.


I think, you understand that very clearly. Buy what you really need. You can buy nice quality polo shirt from Lidl for 6 EUR, or you can chose  Ralph Lauren for 70 EUR or BOSS for 120 EUR. You paying for image and “status” not for comfort. A comfort is not a logo you buying. Branded stuff are quality, that is true, but over priced.



What reason you saving. You should know that. To save just in fact, do not promote you.

You want to pay out your debt is excellent aim or you want to buy a car with cash.

The most luxury aim is financial independence. If you reach it, you are a lucky guy.

My financial aim is: Earn for holidays from investments. How much money is it?

1500 – 2000 EUR PER YEAR

It’s looks not so much, but sure, investing portfolio should be about  20 000 EUR.

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Firstly pay off all your debt as fast as you can do it!

There is no convincing reasons to invest, when you still have a debt with a huge interests. Annuity debt payments most popular.

An annuity debt repayment profile involves “level debt service” – with interest reduces and principal increasing over the term of the debt. Remember, interest reduces… Some people disagree me by saying : think about inflation, why should i pay off my debt faster, o dollar today is more worth then tomorrow. This is true, inflation eating our money. But, faster you pay, smaller amount of money you flow off for interests.

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