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Dividend telecommunication fund

SXKPEX:GR yesterday payed dividends,

15,80 eur for 33 stocks.

stock current price 21,43 eur.

Dividend Indicated Gross Yield 8.94%

This fund is not growing and a stock price decreases…. But, dividends are high.

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My family 2018 Half-year basic financial results:
Y 2018 JAN-JUN %
Earnings (€) 11722
Investments: 1500 12.63
Stock 800 6.82
p2p personal 500 4.27
p2p child 180 1.54
paid debt 1252 10.68
Investments and paid debt 2752 23.31

Earnings = my work salary + my wife earnings + my child earnings ( government child money 30 € / month ) +  my health insurance pay out.

So my family invested 12.63 % from earnings. Not so really bad.

First goal was 10%, so we overbear the goal.

Next goal 15%. So i need 2,37 % better result.


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Bondora created a new tool named “go & grow”. They says, you can earn 6,75% .

What do you need to start? Bondora account and there open “go & grow” account.

They says there is no risks and you can cash out any time.

Sure, 6,75% is with *. what it means?

It means, if something goes wrong, this profit is not a commitment. They can pay less..

I think, if you have much money and do not know how and where to invest, there is good solution to you. Even 3-5% is not bad, while banks pays nothing.

Here you are my test go&grow account. I earn 0.15 eur  with invested 15.13 eur.


If you want to create bondora account, there is my link. YOU will get 5 eur and then test yourself 🙂