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What my family done for better budgeting result?

What did my family do for better budgeting result?

  • Firstly, we sold a one car from two.

These days are very difficult to maintain two cars: Car insurance, tires, repairs… so many expenses.

I am not sure how much we will save now, but it should be plenty.

by the way, our car is 18 years old Ford Focus and it drives well. Insurance for this car is very cheap. Spare parts not expensive.

  • Less money for Grocery.

how? We mostly shopping one time  a week. That rule makes us be more frugal customer.

And one more reason, we trying to spend no more then 50 euros per one shopping time.

  • We planning every bigger purchase.

We always think about a need. Yes or no? We need it? Maybe this stuff we buy later.

If we decide to purchase, we always spend money from savings. Credit cards not acceptable in my family.

  • Never buying the same day expensive items.

We always  look for best price seller. Never purchase from nearest seller. A year ago we bought all kitchen equipment. After we got a list what kind and models we would like, i found the best offer in one shop called ” Technorama” with discounts. This offer i sent to another shop “Elektromarkt” and they did a price cut again. I am not saying that i am clever boy. I am frugal 🙂

  • Less electronics and we do not buy “flagship” anymore.

Few weeks ago we was looking for good phone for my wife and we found Samsung A8.

This phone is  nice, impressive, fast, good made almost as flagship phone S8. Difference is the double less price. Of course, we bought it by cash.

Electronics has one  big problem, they getting old so fast. So invest money on stuff like smart tv , phones, laptops, tablets is not the best decision. Today is awesome tablet, after few years is just a rubbish.




3 thoughts on “What my family done for better budgeting result?

  1. Good tips! What actual changes you needed to make to be able to have only 1 car?

    My phone S5 has broken down after almost 3 years of use 😦 It wouldn’t stay connected to the network. After doing factory reset works for several hours and then disconnects and wouldn’t connect even if I force it through the manual network provider selection or restart the phone. Hence I’m looking for a phone to buy.

    Originally I bought S5 when S7 already existed, hence saving a lot of money. Now, I’m looking to buy S7 when S10 is about to be launched.

    I looked at the specs A8 vs S7 and S7 is smaller and faster. A8 has a better front camera and a newer Bluetooth. Both of them are basically at the same price range.

    Have you considered S7? And if yes, why decided to go with A8?

    On a totally different note. Would you like to improve your English skills? You could join Toastmasters club where people speak English. After the main event, we go to socialise in a cafe which is a great way to practice English.


    1. thanks for your comment, my wife is on “child holiday”, so we do not need much at the moment the second car. sometimes my wife drives to the hospital together with child,so then i used to go by bus or “citybee” peer to peer cars. I share my car with my work mate: one week we travel to work by my car, other week with colleage’s car. so, as you see, there are many alternatives.
      About phone, wife wanted huawei p20 lite, this phone was the biggest competitor to Samsung A8 and S8. about S7 I am not consider that. I think this would be good choice.
      Huawei do not have p68, gorilla glass,and so good screen. SAMSUNG A8 working very well, no problems with connection, battery or with “not responding”.
      i would like to improve my english, sadly TOASTMASTERS club is in Vilnius…


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