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  1. Cooking most meals really isn’t that complicated.

  2. Homemade meals are most  delicious.

  3. Luxurious dishes are not expensive to make.

  4. You can make it healthier.

  5. You chose products to use.

  6. COOK EVERY DAY . IF you have not time, cook easy, fast made dishes 😉

  7. Learn to love your leftovers.

  8. Don’t Be Brand Snobs.

  9. Cook From Scratch.


I prefer eat fresh product food. I am not agree for people, who makes food for all week AT ONE TIME.  I agree that this is cheaper, but eat budgeting should not be in this black way.

Don’t eat out. It sneaks into your monthly budget and destroys everything you’ve worked so hard for. Special occasions with family to meet friends sometimes are acceptable. 

Try to buy real products, real food: all kind of vegetables, fruits are acceptable. Buy white meet and fish, peanuts etc. Real food!! No cola, no chips, no ketchup, no candies… Emmm, no Alcohol. Sure, sometimes glass of wine is acceptable.

Alcohol is a drug, it creates just troubles in a life.

My families fabulous berry is olives. We love eating green olives.

p.s. the salmon stake, where on top,  i made with my wife together.


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