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NVIDIA Corporation


228,71 USD −0,33 (0,14 %)

STOCK price double in one year
in 2016 the stock price was 27 usd, after 2 years almost 10x more!!!!!!

try to think, why you should not invest in high risk crypto. In stocks, so much opportunities.

If you invested $1,000 in stocks like Nvidia 2 YEARS ago, now your profit almost  $10 000.

Let’s look on Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


9,99 USD −0,12 (1,19 %)
Not as good as Nvidia, but from 2015 november, stock price up 4 times, from about 2.2 usd to 10 usd.
Double your money every year not so bad, is it? 😛
But this is history,  that stocks prices at the moment, my opinion, is expensive.
So what to do? Maybe you still can ear money with this stocks, why? Radeon video cards from AMD in crypto world now are top tool. It is best price and performance leader. In market that video cards deficit.  AMD has so much orders. So i rather chose AMD then Nvidia.
But for most honest readers, who read till end my posts i have top secret 🙂


TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the largest independent chip foundry in the world. It produces chips for fabless semiconductor companies like AppleQualcommNVIDIA, and AMD.
Stock price growing more then 20% YTD, last three years almost double the stock price. Healthy and affording profits.

The stock price is still not as expensive as Nvidia or amd.

P/E Current 17.31 Is still in normal, while NVIDIA has a PE Ratio (TTM) of 47.55.

My opinion P/E is normal till 20. P/E smaller = companies stock price cheaper.

P/E is stock price and profit ratio.

My opinion TSMC will grow much. TSMC clients AMD and NVIDIA produce more and more.


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