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Bondora is Estonian p2p platform.

They said:

“35,044 investors have already invested EUR 124 million through Bondora and have received EUR 18 million in interest”




So, i invested just 16 euros, why?

i want to know better what is bondora in real.

I invested 1 year ago. The result not so good. However, comparing my returns with other investors i am lucky investor…. look in last diagram, green color tab.

I think, here you should invest carefully. Have your own risk portfolio. For example just A+ and A loans 36 month term, invest just in Estonia. p.s. Spain is risky with big interests.  In Bondora you can invest in Estonian, Finland and Spain loans.

For somebody, the Bondora is good tool to earn money.

If you want to invest in Bondora and the same time donate me, use my link:

What will i get? 5%  for your invested money first 30 days.

If you need more information, write comment, i help you on it.


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