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p2p platform “” investment portfolio April

Let’s speak about this p2p platform

Low earnings, because i using prevision fund for security reasons. As you see, it costs me 5,88 euros.

If loan’s credit rating is C, i use prevision fund. It pays me, when borrower overdue with his instalment.

Overdue less then 30 days just 4% my loans. And even this bad loans are not so bad, they overdue often few days, but they pays.




IF you want to start investing in this platform here you are MY LINK, you need this code to get 10 euros for your investings. This 10 euros you must invest to loans. I mean, you can not to transfer money to your bank the same day you get.


you can link it, or go directly to with my referral code: ANPE12

After all if you like it and in 90 days you invest more then 150 euros, i will get 10 euros too.

If you think, it is too risky to you, follow this blog and have an eye to my portfolio changes.

Good luck, m8s.



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