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GameStop Corp. NYSE: GME Stock why it?

I deeply thinking about this corporation. Stock costs 13.43 usd on april 6th, cheap.

year ago the price was up to 25 usd.

5 years ago the price was 46 usd. where am i going to? Corporation has a potential, but stocks price, i think, undervalued.

game stop

GameStop Corp. (known simply as GameStop) is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer.The company is headquartered in Texas, United States, a suburb of dallas, and operates 7,117 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. The company’s retail stores primarily operate under the GameStop,  EB games, ThingGeek, and Micromania brands.

In addition to retail stores, GameStop also owns Game Informer, a video game magazine; Simply mac, an Apple products reseller; and Spring Mobile, an AT&T wireless reseller. It also operates  Cricket wireless branded retail stores as an authorized agent. Cricket is an AT&T brand pre-paid wireless retailer.

more information about Gamestop Corp. in:

they think like me.


GameStop Corp.
NYSE: GME – 04-09 16:29; GMT−4
13,48 USD price increase 0,05 (0,37 %)
in real, this stock is risky, you can earn much, but possible to lose.
Seekingalpha full of pessimism, they think that game stop will stuck in the future.
But i liked one comment
 The author makes a valid bear case.However, projecting out 5 years is pure fantasy forget about 10 yearsI am a long only investor and plan to hold GME and collect the dividend. There might be some share repurchases although none were mentioned during the last CC. CFRA has lowered their rating from BUY to HOLD with an $18 12 mo PT. I recently lowered my cost basis to $22 per share. If it goes to $18 I’ll have to decide to take a loss and get out and look somewhere else to get an 11% yield.Something to think about:
“In particular, UK gamers are keen to get their hands on a physical copy of their games. The findings, based on a survey of over 2,000 shoppers, revealed that some 48 per cent of game buyers want to own a hard copy. In total 31 per cent of Brits play a video game every month and 29 per cent of shoppers have bought a physical disk or cartridge within the last year. That number leaps to 51 per cent for those aged between 18 and 24 with around 2.9 million active purchases in the younger age group. And there is a keen interest even among the older generations, with 20 per cent of those aged over 75 owning a physical video game”.
There is a new CEO…let’s see what he can doI just checked ebay US Video Games sold:2,029,462 results for video games
2018.06.19 update
Shares of Game Stop Inc. GME, 8.8 % are up 7.5% in Monday afternoon trading after it was reported that the video game retailer was having talks with private-equity firms about a possible buyout.
So invest to this stock for dividends is out of buy zone 🙂
If bought it, sell in near future with profit.

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